Personal Injuries From Hot Drinks: Defenses You And Your Attorney May Need To Consider

For some people, a simple cup of coffee can lead to a life-changing injury. In 1994, a New Mexico jury awarded a 79-year-old woman $2.86 million after she suffered serious burns from a cup of coffee bought from a fast food restaurant. While the plaintiff eventually settled for a lower sum, the case highlighted the possibility that a hot drink injury could result in a complex and costly personal injury lawsuit. Read More 

Understanding Your Options to Defend Yourself in a Dog Bite Case

Owning a dog is rewarding, but it can also come with risks. For example, if your dog bites somebody, you may find yourself facing some legal concerns. The good news is that you're not without some ways to defend yourself against a dog bite claim, even if it seems like the evidence is stacked up against you. Here are a few of the questions that your attorney may ask while creating your defense. Read More 

Three Hurdles Your Workers’ Compensation Claim May Have to Overcome

If you have been injured on the job, you should qualify for compensation under your employer's workers' compensation insurance. Unfortunately, your employer as well as their insurer have a vested monetary interest in not paying your claim. Although there are steps you can take if they choose to go this route, here are a few reasons that claims are denied the first time around. Avoid these and you have a better chance of being approved. Read More 

Negligence And Personal Injury: Critical Information For The Accused

If you've been accused of negligence that caused or contributed to a personal injury, you may not know what legal options you have or how the laws even apply to your particular case. Fortunately, personal injury attorneys (and, if necessary criminal attorneys) are just as skilled at defending these cases as they are at prosecuting them. But the more you understand about negligence-based personal injuries in advance, the more easily you can prepare your defense. Read More 

Can You Sue For HIPPA Violations?

Medical data is extremely personal, and exposure of this private information can have a significantly negative impact on an individual's life. That's one of the reasons why the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPPA) was put in place to hold people and agencies with access to sensitive medical data responsible for protecting patient privacy. While HIPPA laws provide the federal government with the ability to levy civil and criminal penalties against violators, many victims of data breaches wonder if they can use these same laws to sue for personal injury damages related to exposure of their medical data. Read More