Manage Your Workers’ Compensation Settlement Expectations

Many hurt workers are too badly injured to return to work. In most cases, that can mean a lump-sum settlement from the workers' compensation insurer. It's important to understand that what might sound like a great settlement should only be accepted once deductions and other costs are considered. To find out more, read below.  What Is a Settlement? The workers' comp insurer offers certain hurt workers a lump-sum settlement. This offer may come after the worker has been hurt so badly in a work accident that they cannot go back to their job. Read More 

When Adaptive Cruise Control Causes A Car Accident

Adaptive cruise control allows for a vehicle to travel at a specific speed. When the vehicle encounters traffic, it will brake or slow down automatically and will drive at a speed that is appropriate based on the flow of traffic. If another motorist is using adaptive cruise control, they might suddenly strike your vehicle.  Adaptive Cruise Control Reduces Accidents But Doesn't Always Work Overall, this technology reduces the risk of car accidents. Read More