Most Commonly Asked Questions About The First DUI

Your first DUI will bring several consequences. These may include getting fined, losing your driving license, and even jail time. You could also lose your professional papers and end up paying higher insurance premiums or losing job opportunities. However, there is no need to panic when you have a DUI lawyer by your side. They can help you can get through the charges and navigate the legal process. Here are some commonly asked questions about getting through your first DUI charge. Read More 

Top Reasons Why Rideshare Accidents Can Be Complicated For Passengers

One thing that you might like about using rideshare services is the fact that they can provide you with safe transportation. For example, many people like to use rideshare services when they have been drinking alcohol since it's a safer option for them and everyone else who is on the road. However, things can still happen when you're using a rideshare service, and there is the possibility of being involved in an accident. Read More