Hernias & Workers Compensation Claims

Nobody expects to get a hernia, but they are all too common. If you have recently been diagnosed with a hernia, you might wonder where it came from. For all too many people, the common culprit is the workplace. If you have been struggling with a hernia, you may be able to pursue a workers compensation claim. What Is a Hernia? First things first, a hernia is rupture in the muscular wall that allows an organ to protrude outside of the area where it belongs. Read More 

Dog Bite Injuries

A dog owner is legally responsible for their animal and must take reasonable precautions to prevent others from being bitten by their dog. If a dog does bite someone, the animal's owner may be responsible for paying the victim's injury-related expenses, including compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damages. Regardless of where the dog bite occurs, the owner's home insurance policy or renter's insurance may compensate the injured parties. Read More