4 Reasons Why You Need An Auto Accident Lawyer If You Don’t Have Car Insurance

Being involved in a car accident can be a stressful and frightening experience, especially if you don't have car insurance. No matter the cause of the accident, if you are uninsured, it pays to consider hiring an auto accident lawyer or attorney to help you navigate the situation. Read on to discover four key reasons why an auto accident lawyer should be your first call if you find yourself in a crash while uninsured. Read More 

Manage Your Workers’ Compensation Settlement Expectations

Many hurt workers are too badly injured to return to work. In most cases, that can mean a lump-sum settlement from the workers' compensation insurer. It's important to understand that what might sound like a great settlement should only be accepted once deductions and other costs are considered. To find out more, read below.  What Is a Settlement? The workers' comp insurer offers certain hurt workers a lump-sum settlement. This offer may come after the worker has been hurt so badly in a work accident that they cannot go back to their job. Read More 

When Adaptive Cruise Control Causes A Car Accident

Adaptive cruise control allows for a vehicle to travel at a specific speed. When the vehicle encounters traffic, it will brake or slow down automatically and will drive at a speed that is appropriate based on the flow of traffic. If another motorist is using adaptive cruise control, they might suddenly strike your vehicle.  Adaptive Cruise Control Reduces Accidents But Doesn't Always Work Overall, this technology reduces the risk of car accidents. Read More 

The Essential Steps You Need To Take To Ensure That You Get Your Rightful Payment After Vehicle Crash

Many people who suffer harm in car crashes do not know where to start when pursuing payments for their losses. As a result, they hesitate to take legal action in good time, which sometimes makes them lose the right to seek payment. Some victims also mishandle the compensation process or make mistakes that make them fail to get their rightful settlement. This explains why it's vital to contact a car accident lawyer after getting into a collision. Read More 

3 Ways An Attorney Can Help If You Have Suffered An Injury

After a serious injury, your focus is likely to be on recovering as quickly as possible. After all, getting back to a sense of normalcy is one of the ways people judge a recovery to be successful. Yet a sense of normalcy is much more difficult to achieve if you don't have the financial means to adequately recover. Luckily, an attorney can help you fight for the compensation that you are entitled to, making the recovery process that much easier. Read More