Lawsuits And Car Accidents

When you get in a car accident it can be confusing to know what to do. Some things are obvious. You know you need to get medical attention for your injuries, and you know you need to alert your car insurance carrier of the accident. However, what else do you need to do? The information here will help with regards to understanding car accident cases and where you stand with regards to a possible lawsuit.

What losses and issues can you sue for?

You may have a lawsuit if you have suffered some type of losses or damages. However, you won't be able to sue if you are the one who caused the accident. For example, you won't be able to sue the other party involved in the accident if the accident was caused because you were driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Vehicle – You can sue for the loss or damage of your car that occurred during the accident.
  • Belongings – You can also include things inside of your car that got damaged or destroyed during the accident.
  • Clothing – Many people don't realize you can also sue for clothing that was destroyed if it happened during the accident. So, if you had expensive clothing items damaged, keep this in mind.
  • Medical expenses – All of the medical expenses you incurred due to accident-related injuries can be included in the lawsuit.
  • Pain and suffering – You can also include pain and suffering in your lawsuit as well. Physical pain, as well as emotional issues directly resulting from the accident can be included in a suit.
  • Loss of wages – Any and all wages that you lost from not being able to perform your work duties due to the accident should also be included in the lawsuit.
  • Property – If there is an accident that involves your land property or things on that property, then the things damaged on the property can also be included in a lawsuit.

Who do you sue?

Once you decide to sue, you may wonder who exactly it is that you will be suing. The best thing for you to do is to consult with an attorney. In some cases, you would look toward the insurance company for compensation.

However, in other cases, such as when the person is uninsured or even underinsured, you would go after the individual. There would also be other situations when you would sue the individual as well. A car accident attorney will educate you on who it is you should be suing and be able to help you through the entire lawsuit.