Reasons To Pursue Legal Action Even Years After A Molestation Incident

Many children who are molested are too ashamed to tell anyone and may carry this burden for the rest of their lives. If you're someone who had such an incident while he or she was a minor, and several years have passed, you don't have to live in silence any longer. While you'll need to confirm your state's statute of limitations to confirm whether you can still pursue justice, hiring an attorney who specializes in representing child molestation victims can be a move in the right direction. While you might be partly concerned about digging up the past, here are some reasons that you should.

It Can Help You Heal

Carrying the burden of being sexually molested as a child can impact your life in a wide range of ways. Various forms of healing can help, however. For example, you might attend counseling sessions as a way of healing. Your counselor may gently push you toward pursuing legal action against your attacker as a way of deepening your healing. It's possible that you'll feel a deeper sense of being able to move past this traumatic event in your life when you take legal action and hopefully see the person have to account for his or her actions.

You Get A Sense Of Justice

No one likes feeling like a victim, but this may be a part of your mindset if you were molested as a child and didn't tell anyone. It can be heartbreaking to think about how you've suffered in the years since the event or events, but that the person who touched you hasn't been brought to justice. Hiring an attorney and moving forward legally allows you to turn the tables by forcing your attacker to face justice — even years after the crime.

You'll Help Others

It's important to realize that many people who molest children don't simply stop this behavior. If you were molested as a child, it's highly possible that the perpetrator molested other children — and he or she may still be engaging in this behavior. In a sense, you have an obligation to other children in the community to come forward. Your courage in this moment may be enough to cause other victims to do the same, which can make you thankful that you were brave enough to stand up for yourself. An experienced attorney will guide you through the process to make this difficult period as smooth as it can be for you.

For more information, contact your local child molestation attorney.