Do You Walk To And From Work? Avoid Pedestrian Accidents With These Tips

If your city has a high walkability score, you live close to your workplace, and you want to maintain an active lifestyle, it might make sense to walk to and from work. This is not bad, but you need to take precautions to avoid getting hit by a car during any of your walks; here are some of these precautions.

Don't Use Your Phone

Using a phone while on the road will always be a distraction whether you are driving or walking. The phone is a distraction whether you are on social media, making a phone call or texting. Even if you were walking on a pedestrian walkway, you can easily wander into oncoming traffic if you are using your phone. Therefore, wait until you can leave the road before using your phone.

Mind Parked Cars

As a pedestrian, you should not just focus on moving cars; you should be wary of the packed cars too because they can easily back into you or take off and hit you. Don't forget that some drivers like to take off at top speed, and they don't always take time to scan their surroundings. Therefore, allow adequate space between your body and any parked cars in your vicinity.

Be Visible

Visibility is also a big deal on the road whether you are walking or you are on a bike. Visibility may not be a big deal on a bright and clear morning because most drivers will be able to see you clearly. However, you should make a deliberate effort to be visible if the weather is foggy or if you are walking in the dark and visibility is poor. You can help other road users see you by wearing bright/reflective clothing or holding a lit flashlight in your hand.

Obey Pedestrian Laws

The emphasis given to motorists to obey all traffic rules should also be given to pedestrians because the latter don't always think they should obey pedestrian laws. This means you should use pedestrian walkways if they are available, obey traffic lights and crossroads only at designated crossing points.

Don't Be Intoxicated

Intoxication is another issue that seems reserved for automobile drivers, but it can affect every road user including pedestrians. Don't forget that intoxicates impairs judgment, and impaired pedestrian can easily wander onto the road or misjudge the speed and distance of oncoming traffic. Therefore, if you must walk home while intoxicated, do it with a sober partner.

Despite your best efforts, you may still land in an accident, for example, due to a driver's negligence. Don't forget that pedestrians tend to come off worse in pedestrian-car accidents. Therefore, your damages are likely to be high in case you are hit by a car, and such high-value claims are best handled by accident lawyers.

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