Did A Dog Bite Your Kid? Know Your Rights

While that dog walking down the street may seem friendly, you never know if it is going to decide to bite your child. While the typical dog owner is responsible for taking care of their dog and ensuring that your child is safe when around them, others are not so careful. It's possible that at some point there will be an incident where a dog bites your child and causes a serious injury. If that happens, it is important to know what your rights are.

The Legal Standards

Each state has their own standards regarding what happens if a dog bites another person. It is important to know what those standards are, since they will inform you what your rights are as a victim of a dog bite.

One-Bite Law

Some states have one-bite laws, which mean that the dog's owner will not be held liable for a dog bite if it is the first time that their dog has ever attacked another person. It gives dogs and their owners one mistake before legal action can be taken against them.

However, know that this law doesn't always apply to every situation. The one-bite law is meant to protect owners that have dogs that are not vicious and the but was honestly accident. You could still have a valid case on your hand if the dog is vicious and the owner was being negligent when the bite happened.

Strict Liability

Your state may have laws that put strict liability on the owner of the dog. This means that the owner will be responsible for the dog's actions at all times. It doesn't matter if the dog is the sweetest dog you've ever seen or a mean guard dog, or if the dog was running wild or on a leash, since the owner will always be responsible for their actions.


Another standard dictates that owners are only responsible if they're acting negligence when it comes to securing their dog. For example, if an owner has a dog secured behind a fence with a sign indicating there is a dog, the owner may not be found liable if a child sticks their hands into the fence.

Seeking compensation in a dog bite case can be tough with all of the legal standards to navigate. You will have the best chance of winning by hiring a lawyer that specializes in personal injuries. For more information, contact an attorney like Kenneth P Hicks.