Nasty Injuries That You May Experience At A Typical Construction Site

A typical construction site presents many injury risks that the average person may not know about. Here are some of the injuries people commonly sustain at construction sites:

Getting Struck By an Object

There is always something or another falling in a typical construction site. Falling objects include things like tools that may slip out of workers' hands, tools carelessly left behind by workers, and construction materials that aren't properly secured. There are two main reasons why an object from above can cause you critical injuries. One is that the object is likely to hit you on the head first, and head injuries tend to be very serious. Another reason is that, if the object comes from a great height, it will be traveling fast by the time it reaches you, and this increases the force you will feel.

Getting an Electrical Shock

There are two main reasons why the risk of electrical shock is high on a construction site. For one, an incomplete building is likely to have its electrical wiring and appliances still exposed. Secondly, a typical construction site has numerous power tools and construction, and some of their electrical cables may not be completely sealed.

Getting Caught Between Two or More Objects

Getting caught between two objects can lead to nasty injuries because it crushes your body, and such an injury can damage multiple parts of your body simultaneously. There are many reasons such injuries are common in construction sites; for example, you may:

  • Get caught between a collapsed wall and the ground if the wall falls on you
  • Get caught between a construction equipment and another object (or even a building) if the machine operator loses its control
  • Getting caught between the ground and an object that falls from a rigging accident

Incurring Slip and Fall Injuries

This is probably one of the most common injuries in construction sites. In fact, it isn't surprising given that:

  • Constructions sites tend to have uneven surface, trenches or holes in the ground
  • Construction sites tend to have lots of debris, such as discarded bits of materials or forgotten tools
  • Construction sites tend to have lots of slippery surfaces, such as those from leaking oil from construction equipment or concrete curing water

Of course, most of these injuries can be prevented. You may have a valid injury claim if you suspect that your injury should have been prevented by another person; consult a construction site injury attorney for a professional assessment.