Did A Friend Try To Pull And Prank And You Were Badly Injured? What To Do

Was someone is trying to play a prank on you but it goes awry and you end up seriously injured, you need to get in touch with a personal injury attorney. If you were badly injured and you know can't go to your job, you are dealing with rehabilitation and a lot of medical debt, you should seek legal compensation or the pain that you have been caused, regardless to your relationship with the person. They aren't going to support you financially just because they caused it, and you need to be sure that you get the compensation you need. A personal injury will help with these things.

Developing the Case

To start developing the case the lawyer will need an eye witness account of the incident, along with possibly the statements of others who were there. If you have any video proof, or proof other than the injuries that you have, this is crucial. Proof could include:

  • Apologies via text message or voicemail
  • Social media messages
  • Pictures of the injuries

You will want to keep records of all the different medical bills that you have regarding your injuries, along with statements from medical professionals about the future treatments that you need.

Determining Who to File Against

You have to find out who you can file the case against. You can go after the person that tried to pull the prank and ended up plotting and planning the prank, the people that knew about the prank and that helped, and also the property owner.

The lawyer will go through each participant's contribution to your injuries and to the plan to harm you, and then they will decide how many different lawsuits they want to file as a part of your case. You may end up with more than one settlement for the injuries.

If you are getting overwhelmed by the large medical bills that you have coming in because a friend of yours thought it would be funny to pull a prank on you, and then then prank ended up harming you badly, you want to talk with a lawyer so you can get help. You want to get help to pay for the medical bills, to pay for the time that you aren't able to go to work and get a pay check, and for all of the other bills that you have because of what happened to you from the prank. Talk to a lawyer at offices like Gartner Law Firm for more advice.